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Privacy & Confidentiality

I am very concerned about your privacy and the confidentiality of our conversations and communication. I consider both the content of our conversations & communication plus the fact that we connect at all only our business and nobody else’s. The obvious consequence of that is that I won’t share any of your information with anyone (and certainly not your employer). Less obvious – but at least as important – is that for the same reason I prefer not to communicate via old-school text message, Facebook messenger, Skype & Whatsapp and not to exchange files via common services like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and the likes.

Instead, I’d like to invite your to use the following alternatives:

SignalVoice callmobile onlyDownload Signal on your phone or desktop
Video callmobile onlySupport on video calling
Messagingmobile & desktop
TelegramVoice callmobile & desktopDownload Telegram on your phone or desktopNo video call
Messagingmobile & desktop
Updates & Newsmobile & desktopSubscribe to Channel here
pCloudFile exchangemobile & desktopDownload pCloud on your phone or desktopRecordings

On top of this I recommend to use a VPN connection.

My preference is not to use email for other than administrative purposes and preferably not at all.

I do send out updates, news and practices to which you can subscribe via email (handled by Mailchimp), my Telegram channel, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Obviously the Telegram option is the most private option. Also, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram decide by themselves what they show you. You might miss updates.

As preferred technologies and their security constantly change, this list will be updated for sure when new insights emerge.