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I’m helping organizations thrive in – and catalyze – a society that meets the needs of all in your circle of influence, within the means of our planet. We’ll find out what is right for your organization, customers and the world around it and start doing just that:


  • Product: a good product/service that sustainably fulfills a real need of the customer, developed in consultation with the customer, which is the talk of town
  • (Production) process and ecological footprint: circular (zero-waste), local, distributed, vegetarian/vegan, etc.
  • Customers that you want as a customer
  • Suppliers that support this kind of process, fair trade
  • Promotion: transparency about the product/service, the production process, raw materials, suppliers & transport, real attention to the customer
  • People: healthy, inspiring organizational culture and structure that stimulates entrepreneurship
  • Financially sound, even without growth
  • Location: based where and how

Plan(ning) & Coaching

  • Planning: I don’t have the answers for your specific organization, but I can help you find out and translate this into a plan and a schedule.
  • Coaching: I will also coach you and/or your organization to transform your organization into a happier and more meaningful organization based on those answers.

Finally, I will ensure that the answers meet the needs of your circle of influence and that they contribute to remaining within the resources of our planet.


If you are looking for someone to help your organization catalyze and thrive in a society that meets the needs of all within the means of our planet: let’s connect and find out if there is a match.