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What & For Whom

I’m helping entrepreneurial people finding a way to live a happy & meaningful life that is also good for the other and the planet. We’ll try to find out what is right for you in all relevant aspects of your life:

  • what you do for a living
  • what is the right career for you
  • where and how you live
  • your consumption patterns & environmental footprint
  • your relationships
  • your health & fitness
  • your spirituality & personal development
  • your financial situation

I do not have the answers for you, but I can help you find out. Also, I’ll help you to transform your life into a happier and more meaningful one based on those answers. Finally I’ll be on guard to ensure that your answers will meet the needs of your circle of influence and that they contribute to staying within the means of our planet.


First of all, we both need to understand your current situation in all aspects of it and how you feel about it. Next, we’ll need a longer session to help you find your true north, mission or whatever you want to name it and define your priorities. Depending on the outcome we’ll start working on cultivating practices that will be helpful on your path, start or stop habits, implement quick wins and taking small steps towards larger goals.
Recordings of our conversations will be available to you for download from a secure location. In between sessions I can support you via messaging. I take your privacy very seriously and therefore I only support certain apps to connect: read more about this.
In order to avoid disappointments please take a look at my rates below.


It’s important to know upfront what you’re up to moneywise when you’d start your coaching journey with me. Below an overview of all my rates and what exactly you’d get for that.

Single Session (one hour)€150€200
Long Session (two hours)€290€390
Start Package (intake, 5 single sessions, 1 long session)€999€1335
5 One Hour Sessions Package (5% discount)€712,50€950
10 One Hour Sessions Package (10% discount)€1350€1800
Printed invoice or other document sent via snail mail (rate per document)€25€25

All rates are excluding VAT and travel costs.


With the coaching sessions the following services are included:

  • Access to your own secure cloud area to download recordings of our conversations, materials & invoices
  • Support via a messaging app (fair use)

With fair use I mean that it is absolutely okay to ask a question every now and then in between sessions. However, if you require extensive support I will charge this support as a coaching session. In that case, it is probably better to schedule an extra session anyway.

Printed Documents

If for whatever reason your organization requires a printed invoice or other documents, then that is okay, but I will charge for it in order to discourage unnecessary effort and use of paper and to encourage discussion about it with your legal or accounting department.